Travel Oman: Take a nature walk in Wadi Al Arbaeen

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It’s no surprise that Wadi Al Arbaeen features on lists of the best places to road trip to in Oman. With its almost vertical cliff faces surrounding verdant, lush, abundant greenery and cool, beckoning waters, Wadi Al Arbaeen is a veritable sight for sore eyes amidst the deserts of Oman.

Much like the oasis at which travellers from the Arabian Nights used to stop as they and their camel caravans took shelter from the stinging sands and the stifling sun of the desert, Wadi Al Arbaeen is a welcome sight for locals and foreign nationals alike, and is living proof of the natural beauty of the Sultanate of Oman.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, “Wadi Al Arbaeen is one of the most beautiful wadis in the Sultanate, experiencing a constant flow of water from the eastern Hajar Mountains and providing a source of irrigation to the surrounding villages and date palm farms. It is located around 90 minutes outside of Muscat, and three kilometres away from Wilayat Quriyat in the Eastern Hajar Mountains.”

“Wadi Al Arbaeen provides the ultimate soundtrack of nature : the sounds of birds, of running water, and the wind flowing through the narrow channels,” added the Ministry of Tourism. “You can go there for swimming, BBQ, or to hang out and picnic and enjoy the waterfall deep inside the wadi. Reaching there will take two and a half hours, but the experience is worth it. It’s not every day you take a shower under a waterfall.

“For 4×4 fans, this is an incredibly enjoyable wadi, with lots of rock-crawling and water-crossing with the car,” said the Ministry of Tourism. “The weather is very good there, especially in the winter, with the sun reaching the bottom of the canyon only for a short time each day. This makes the temperature noticeably lower, so you can get outdoors for an adventure others only consider fantasy.”

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