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AI Collaborates with Composers for Innovative Music Festival

Engineer Gao Yuejie and composer Zhu Xuzhi recently collaborated on a music project themed “A blue rainy day,” resulting in two distinct pieces. Gao integrated artificial intelligence into his composition process, while Zhu relied on his own expertise as a composer and pianist. Both works were performed by Zhu, who enhanced the AI-generated piece during the performance, showcasing a harmonious blend of technology and artistry in music creation.

The collaboration between the engineer and composer sheds light on the dynamic relationship between artists and AI, with Zhu acknowledging AI as both a friend and competitor in the creative process, while Gao emphasized that true inspiration still stems from human artists. This demonstration highlighted the evolving landscape of music creation at the intersection of technology and artistic expression.

In a preview event at the Shanghai Concert Hall, the upcoming “Digi Muse – 2024 Music+Technology Festival” was introduced, featuring four concerts selected from a pool of over 100 submissions worldwide. The festival, scheduled for March and April, will include two Asia premieres by the Berlin-based music theater ensemble Nico and Navigators, along with forums, workshops, and activities exploring collaborations between musicians and scientists.

The festival aims to showcase how digital technology can enhance artistic innovation and performance, with a diverse range of styles and genres selected for the upcoming event in April. From jazz concerts merging classical music with Chinese folk influences to contemporary digital reimaginings of traditional Chinese musical forms, the festival promises to be a platform for creativity and exploration.

Noteworthy performances include an AI singer’s interpretation of Shanghai’s history and an AI-driven audiovisual presentation highlighting music culture from different regions in China. Additionally, Nico and Navigators will present curated works exemplifying their distinctive approach to musical theater, solidifying the festival as a celebration of the synergy between music and technology.

This fusion of technology with artistic expression is set to empower and enrich both fields, offering a glimpse into the future of music creation. The “Digi Muse – 2024 Music+Technology Festival” stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when innovation and creativity converge in the realm of music.

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