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Artists, Curators, Architects, and More Gather for After-Hours Soirée with ‘CULTURED’

The Guggenheim Museum in New York hosted an exclusive tour for select invitees and CULTURED last night. The tour showcased the museum’s current exhibition, “Going Dark: The Contemporary Figure at the Edge of Visibility.” Curator Ashley James guided attendees through the sculptures, photographs, and paintings displayed in the iconic rotunda. The tour concluded with a private cocktail reception for guests to enjoy.

The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to experience the artwork in a more intimate setting and gain insights from the curator. The exhibition explores the theme of visibility and the contemporary figure, offering a thought-provoking experience for art enthusiasts.

Overall, the evening was a success, with guests appreciating the chance to engage with the artwork and learn more about the creative process behind the exhibition. The Guggenheim Museum continues to be a hub for artistic exploration and innovative exhibitions that push the boundaries of contemporary art.

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