“Beautiful Wedding Blends Cultures at Golden Dragon in Los Angeles Chinatown”

Shirley Ng and Samuel Ahn tied the knot at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in the vibrant Chinatown of Los Angeles, showcasing a beautiful fusion of Chinese, Korean, and American wedding traditions. Drawing inspiration from the movie “In the Mood for Love,” the couple incorporated nods to the film’s iconic ambiance throughout their special day.

The wedding celebrations included three ceremonies to symbolize their union – a traditional Korean Paebaek ceremony, a Chinese Tea ceremony, and a western-style exchange of vows. Shirley and her bridal party embraced classic glam style with Cheongsam attire, evoking the spirit of the Old Shanghai era.

The design of the day was dominated by rich reds and golden accents, creating a regal and elegant atmosphere. Chinese dragons and intricate golden details adorned the seating chart and escort cards, while red lanterns and Chinese floral fans added a traditional touch to the decor.

Wedding Planner Sarah Wang of My Wedding Songbird shared, “We’ve incorporated a lot of Chinese elements into the design… to recreate those Old Shanghai performance stage effects.” The venue was adorned with red drapery, lanterns, and edison light bulbs, creating a romantic and enchanting setting for the couple’s special day.

Guests were treated to Chinese painted porcelain vases as favors, which also doubled as stylish keepsakes. A surprise lion dance performance and late-night dim sum bites added extra flair to the celebration, leaving guests in awe of the transformation of the classic restaurant into a stunning wedding venue.

Overall, Shirley and Samuel’s wedding exemplified the power of a well-planned theme, seamlessly blending different cultural traditions for a joyous and stylish union. The couple radiated happiness throughout all three ceremonies, paying tribute to each of their heritages and creating unforgettable memories for themselves and their guests.

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