Capta Hydro’s Water Technology Expands to Mexico – Gamers DXB

Capta Hydro, a leading water technology company, has successfully installed 10 units of its surface water telemetry platform in major irrigation districts across Mexico. This innovative system plays a crucial role in monitoring water flow, integrating various sensors and communication sources into a robust, vandal-resistant, and easy-to-install design. The company’s unique platform allows customers to autonomously initiate operations using basic tools and remote support from Chile, facilitating faster and more cost-effective international projects.

Emilio de La Jara, CEO and founder of Capta Hydro, emphasized the significance of the project for 2023, stating its importance in improving water distribution in Mexico’s irrigation districts and its recognition by the country’s leading water authorities. Carlos Castro, Capta Hydro’s representative in Mexico, sees the irrigation water measurement project as part of a comprehensive government initiative, positioning Capta Hydro as a pioneer in the country’s water measurement technology.

With the potential to extend this technology to Mexico’s 86 irrigation districts, servicing over 500,000 farmers and irrigating more than 2.5 million hectares with over 25 billion cubic meters of water, the project signifies a substantial growth opportunity for Capta Hydro. The company’s expansion into Mexico highlights its commitment to addressing global water challenges and providing innovative solutions for sustainable water management.

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