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‘Celebration of shortlisted projects for 2024 Museum + Heritage Awards’

Event, a global experience and exhibition design agency, along with Museum Studio, is pleased to announce that three of their projects have been shortlisted for this year’s Museum + Heritage Awards. The projects include Oman Across Ages for International Exhibition of the Year, the Carl Nielsen Museum, and The Book of Kells Experience at Trinity College in Dublin for Best Use of Digital International.

Oman Across Ages is a museum that highlights the story of the Sultanate of Oman from its geographic prehistory to the present day. It features an auditorium, exhibition galleries, a garden, dining venues, a library, and a Knowledge Centre. Event’s team provided masterplanning, interpretative planning, exhibition and graphic design, and creative direction for this project.

The Carl Nielsen Museum, created in collaboration with Odense City Museums and Copenhagen University, offers an immersive visitor experience dedicated to the influential Danish composer, Carl Nielsen. The museum is divided into sections inspired by music, allowing visitors to engage with Nielsen’s music and life in a unique way.

The Book of Kells Experience at Trinity College Dublin provides a 360-degree exhibition that explores Ireland’s cultural treasure through light and audio. The experience showcases the historical masterpiece and Trinity College Dublin’s Old Library collections in a captivating way. Event partnered with multiple university departments to create this one-of-a-kind exhibition.

In addition to these projects, the UK Parliament (Elizabeth Tower) has also been shortlisted for Restoration or Conservation Project of the Year. Event’s contribution to this project includes a new multimedia tour that delves into the history and significance of this iconic landmark.

These nominations are a testament to Event and Museum Studio’s commitment to creating innovative and engaging experiences in the field of exhibition design and cultural heritage.

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