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“Central America Counts Festival Pays Tribute to Claribel Alegría on International Book Day”

The Centroamérica Cuenta festival recently marked International Book Day by honoring the legacy of Nicaraguan poet Claribel Alegría, who would have turned 100 this May. Esteemed authors from across Iberoamerica came together to read from her work “Carta al tiempo”, paying homage to the revered winner of the 2017 Reina Sofía Poetry Prize. Among those participating in the tribute were festival founder Sergio Ramírez, director of the Cervantes Institute Luis García Montero, Argentine photographer Daniel Mordzinski, Salvadorans Roxana Méndez and Jorge Galán, Nicaraguans Patricia Flakoll Alegría, Karen Flakoll Fauche, Erik Flakoll Alegría, William González Guevara, Gioconda Belli, and Mario Martz, as well as Spaniards Daniel Rodríguez Moya, Fernando Valverde, Santiago Herrero, and Chus Visor.

The event showcased acclaimed literary figures from various Hispanic countries, uniting their voices in celebration of Claribel Alegría’s enduring impact. The festival aims to highlight the diverse and rich literary heritage of Central America and Iberoamerica, fostering connections between authors and readers from different cultural backgrounds. The tribute to Alegría not only honors her poetry and literary contributions but also inspires a new generation of writers to delve into the complexities of the human experience through their words. By bringing together voices from different corners of the Spanish-speaking world, Centroamérica Cuenta encourages an exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching discussions on literature and culture.

The presence of influential figures like Sergio Ramírez, a staunch supporter of Central American literature, and Luis García Montero, head of the esteemed Cervantes Institute, underscores the festival’s commitment to promoting and preserving the region’s literary heritage. In addition to honoring established authors like Alegría, the event provides a platform for emerging talents to share their work and connect with a broader audience. Through readings, discussions, and cultural activities, Centroamérica Cuenta creates a space for dialogue and contemplation on the role of literature in society, instilling a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of words to bridge divides and foster mutual understanding.

Collaborations with prominent literary figures and organizations further demonstrate the festival’s dedication to nurturing and safeguarding the literary traditions of Central America and Iberoamerica. By paying tribute to Claribel Alegría, a trailblazing poet whose resonance transcends borders, Centroamérica Cuenta emphasizes the enduring relevance of literature as a vehicle for expressing the human experience. The diverse backgrounds of participating authors and poets underscore the festival’s commitment to promoting cultural exchange and cultivating a sense of community among writers and readers. As the literary world observes International Book Day, events like Centroamérica Cuenta play a vital role in upholding the legacies of iconic authors and inspiring generations to explore the transformative power of words.

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