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Collaboration between BCW and NYF to Encourage Creatives to Build Their Creative Legacy

New York Festivals Advertising Awards (NYF) and BCW have announced the opening of entries for the 2024 festival, inviting creatives to showcase their talent and “Make a Name for Yourself” in the competitive advertising industry of New York City.

The ‘Make a Name for Yourself’ campaign draws inspiration from New York’s iconic street signs honoring well-known figures like Miles Davis, Joey Ramone, and Katherine Hepburn. These legendary individuals made a mark in the world of creativity, becoming household names in New York and beyond. The campaign, featuring six print ads and a video, challenges creatives to have their work reviewed by the NYF Advertising Executive Jury, under the leadership of Javier Campopiano.

According to Scott Rose, president of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions, BCW’s compelling video encourages entrants to present their most innovative and groundbreaking creative work, paving the way for them to establish a reputation and excel in the advertising industry. Diego Bertagni, executive vice president and executive creative director of BCW North America, emphasizes the importance of standing out, making a difference, and creating a name for oneself – qualities exemplified by the icons featured in the campaign.

The 2024 Grand Jury panel selection process is currently underway, with Executive Jury and Specialty Jury sessions scheduled for May 2024. The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition attracts entries from over 60 countries and is judged by members of NYF’s Executive Jury and Grand Jury, who collectively determine the winning entries.

Interested participants have until April 5th, 2024, to submit their entries for the 2024 New York Festivals Advertising Awards. For more details on categories, rules, and regulations, visit the official website. To explore the previous year’s award-winning work, check out the 2023 winners’ list online.

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