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‘Collaboration of Emojis and IOMA in Exciting Art Show’

emoji and IOMA have come together to create a new art exhibition that aims to shed light on social themes through the unique lens of the emoji brand. The collaboration, organized by Medialink, the emoji brand’s agent in mainland China, is set to offer an immersive experience into contemporary culture at the IOMA Art Center in Beijing’s 798 Art District.

This exhibition will delve deep into the visual appeal and cultural significance of the emoji brand. Guests will have the opportunity to explore interactive displays and experiential installations that go beyond simple emoticons, revealing the complex narratives and nuanced expressions that they represent.

Covering an area of 1,500 square meters across three floors, the exhibition features five halls with interactive installations. Twelve artists have contributed their creative talents to produce emotive artworks that blend traditional mediums with modern iconography. From whimsical sculptures to avant-garde paintings, each piece offers a fresh perspective on the enduring charm of the emoji brand in today’s society.

Chéri Dou, director of IP business operations at IOMA, expressed excitement about the partnership with the emoji company and the opportunity to bring this innovative exhibition to China. The goal is not only to celebrate the playful world of the emoji brand but also to spark meaningful discussions about the fusion of art, culture, and technology.

Paulina Pérez, vp licensing and operations at the emoji company, also shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration with IOMA and the talented artists involved in creating pieces based on contemporary emoji brand icons motifs and themes. This event is the result of months of hard work and creative reinterpretation, showcasing the artistic diversity inspired by the beloved emoji brand.

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