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‘Crescent City Arrives in the Capital’

Old Sacramento was transformed into a vibrant and colorful scene reminiscent of New Orleans’ French Quarter during the City of Trees Parade earlier this month. The event, one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations west of the Mississippi, drew in over 1,500 participants who paraded through downtown Sacramento on Capitol Mall.

The parade, which featured groups like the Sacramento State Marching Band, local dance troupes, and unique vehicles inspired by Burning Man, delighted attendees with its energetic and festive atmosphere. Despite not reaching Old Sacramento this year, organizers are optimistic about bringing the parade back to the historic district in the future.

Wes Samms, the lead organizer of the City of Trees Parade and Mardi Gras Festival, emphasized the importance of celebrating community and heritage through events like Mardi Gras. He expressed hope that the parade would instill a sense of pride and unity among Sacramento residents.

The City of Trees Parade offered a unique experience for both locals and visitors, showcasing the rich cultural diversity and vibrant spirit of Sacramento. With its European-inspired architecture and lively celebrations, Old Sacramento continues to be a premier destination for tourists and locals alike.

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