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Cutting-Edge Office Renovation by Pyramid Contracting Highlighted in Metal Construction News

Approaching the two-year mark in their newly renovated corporate headquarters, Pyramid Contracting’s innovative transformation of a pre-engineered metal building into a modern, contemporary workspace has been featured in Metal Construction News.

Pyramid Contracting LLC, based in Irmo, South Carolina, utilized corrugated metal panels to add texture to the exterior of their building, enhancing its contemporary design. As a general contractor, Pyramid faced challenges when expanding and renovating their headquarters, which was originally constructed in the 1980s as a pre-engineered metal structure.

Ryan Ward, the general construction manager at Pyramid, explained that integrating new and existing elements while maintaining straight lines presented a significant challenge. Addressing the need for an interior gutter system required careful planning to prevent water intrusion.

To achieve the desired straight-line appearance, the team extended the concrete slab and erected a second exterior wall beyond the existing structure, aligning it with the original fascia. Multiple downspouts were installed within this new cavity and routed underground to connect with storm drainage piping.

On the exterior, Pyramid utilized McElroy Metal’s 24-gauge steel, corrugated, concealed fastener Wave panels in PVF Charcoal and PVF Ash Gray. Additionally, McElroy’s 24-gauge steel Marquee-Lok flat soffit panels in PVF Charcoal were installed at soffits.

Pyramid Contracting, founded in 2003 by President Robert (Bobby) Alexander, is a commercial general contracting firm with unlimited licenses in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. Specializing in commercial, light industrial, manufacturing, and federal/government projects, Pyramid Contracting focuses on the design-build process to add value and meet clients’ needs efficiently. Their commitment to safety, quality, and schedule has made them a preferred choice for construction projects for over two decades.

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