Data Equity Center focuses on providing data expertise to individuals in need

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research recently announced the launch of the Data Equity Center, a new initiative aimed at ensuring that historically marginalized populations are accurately represented in data used for crucial decision-making. This center will offer free assistance to organizations and agencies across the United States, drawing on the expertise of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and numerous experts in survey and data science.

AJ Scheitler, director of the Data Equity Center and also the director of development, engagement, and strategic planning at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, stated that the center will provide consulting services to promote data equity and encourage systems to be more inclusive and collaborative with the communities they serve.

This initiative seeks to address the lack of representation of marginalized populations in data used by government, business, and philanthropy, ultimately aiming to make decision-making processes more fair and just for all. For more information, you can read the complete news release about the Data Equity Center on their official website.

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