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‘€11.5m Invested in Store Renovation in 2023’

Maxima Latvija made a significant investment of €11.5 million in reconstructing and renovating its store network in Latvia in 2023. This investment included more than €5 million towards renovating its stores to adhere to the ‘unified concept’. This initiative involved transforming 33 stores across Latvia, resulting in a total of 121 new-format stores by the end of the year.

The new store format boasts a consistent layout and product assortment within each store, promoting easier navigation for customers, efficient assortment planning, and streamlined store management processes for employees. Maxima plans to complete the transition to this new concept in most of its stores by the year 2024.

Evija Grīnberga, the sales and production director of Maxima Latvija, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a modern and pleasant shopping environment for customers, as well as a comfortable and convenient workplace for employees. This was demonstrated through continued investments in store reconstruction, network expansion, and the adaptation of stores to the unified concept, enhancing the overall working environment for colleagues in both retail outlets and the logistics center.

In addition to store renovations, Maxima Latvija invested €2.1 million in the major reconstruction of three stores in Latvia, focusing on modernizing sales areas, implementing sustainable energy-efficient solutions, and enhancing employee convenience. The retail group also allocated €4 million towards the day-to-day maintenance of its stores, including upgrades to technical equipment, sales resources, IT systems, air-conditioning, and fire safety equipment.

Moreover, Maxima invested €130,000 in improving employee comfort and working conditions at the logistics center in Ķekava parish ‘Abras’. This investment encompassed enhancing energy efficiency, modernizing facilities, and renovating areas like driver convenience rooms and the employees’ kitchen. The refurbishment of changing rooms is also underway and is expected to be completed within the current year.

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