Eco-friendly portable heater for customizable micro-climates

Introducing the DeLonghi Capsule Desk Loop, a portable and eco-friendly heater designed for your comfort and convenience. Whether you’re working indoors in a chilly office or outdoors in cool weather, this personal fan ceramic heater is the perfect solution. Created by Noi Creative for DeLonghi, this compact heater features a special air grid design that provides a pleasant airflow speed and distribution, ensuring you can work or relax in peace.

The innovative Flame pattern air grid creates an illusion of heat and flames, giving you the cozy feeling of a traditional fireplace. With its portable design, you can place the Capsule Desk Loop on your desk or wherever you need it most to stay warm and comfortable. Say goodbye to bulky, inconvenient heaters and embrace the sleek and eco-friendly DeLonghi Capsule Desk Loop for all your micro-climate needs.

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