‘Efficient Production Tracking Software Now Available’

Wintriss Controls Group has introduced an innovative feature in ShopFloorConnect that offers manufacturers a scalable and robust software solution to enhance efficiency and reduce downtime, especially when remote monitoring is necessary. This software not only boosts manufacturing capacity and profitability but also identifies and quantifies excessive production losses and bottlenecks. With superior OEE calculations, ShopFloorConnect provides accurate reports on overall equipment effectiveness, machine downtime, and manufacturing efficiency.

The latest addition to their lineup is ShopFloorTracker, a cost-effective device designed to streamline data collection and minimize operator involvement. This tool allows users to capture and track various process parameters, such as temperature and pressure, on machines like injection molding equipment. Customers can select from a range of pre-programmed digital and analog inputs to customize the data collection process. The temperature and pressure data captured will be particularly beneficial for monitoring injection molding operations. These inputs can be displayed in different formats based on operator preferences.

For customers already utilizing the Wintriss SMI 2 machine monitoring hardware interface, ShopFloorTracker serves as a complementary device that enables tracking of additional machines at a lower cost. By adding a ShopFloorTracker device to each machine, equipped with temperature and pressure sensors connected to analog inputs, a manufacturer can monitor uptime, downtime, and OEE with greater precision.

Keith Magnant, General Manager of Wintriss Controls Group, explained, “In response to customer input for a user-friendly hardware solution for tracking various inputs, we developed the ShopFloorTracker device to automatically transmit unique machine data to the ShopFloorConnect software.” The device is WiFi-enabled and comes pre-programmed for seamless integration into both existing and new ShopFloorConnect installations.

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