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‘Electric SUV Outperforms Electric Pickup in Towing Range Test’

In a recent towing range test conducted by high-end trailer manufacturer Bowlus, the Tesla Model X has surprisingly outperformed the Cybertruck. Despite the Cybertruck’s longer range and higher towing capacity, the Model X achieved the greatest towing range with Bowlus’ Volterra trailer, specifically designed for EVs.

The test included a Tesla Cybertruck Dual Motor Foundation Series with an EPA range of 340 miles and a Model X rated at 310 miles for the Long Range model or 326 miles for the Plaid model. Bowlus listed the Model X’s range as 330 miles for the test without specifying the variant used. Bowlus’ founder and CEO, Geneva Long, reported on Linkedin that the Model X was able to drive up to 235 miles while pulling the 3,250-pound Volterra trailer, reaching 71% of its estimated range. In comparison, the Cybertruck only managed 160 miles, around 47% of its range estimate, illustrating a significant difference in towing performance.

The range test conducted by Bowlus involved 65% highway driving and 35% rural road driving, setting it apart from other tests like one conducted by YouTuber VoyageATX, estimating a Cybertruck’s range at about 160 miles while towing a Model Y and a U-Haul trailer primarily on highways.

In another test, the Cybertruck towing an Airstream trailer weighing over 6,600 pounds only estimated a range of about 158 miles driving at 50 to 55 miles per hour. These results suggest that the older, lighter Tesla Model X is a great option for towing, achieving a range much closer to its claimed range even with a relatively large and heavy trailer.

In summary, despite the impressive specifications of the Cybertruck, the Model X has proven to be a more efficient towing vehicle in this specific test, demonstrating its capabilities as a versatile and dependable electric vehicle.

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