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Exhibition in San Antonio Focuses on Climate Change and Sustainability

The annual San Marcos Studio Tour is set to take place from April 5-7, offering a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to peek inside the private workspaces of local artists. The event kicks off at MotherShip Studios, where guests can mingle with artists and preview some of the works that will be featured on the tour.

Studio tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at artists’ creative processes, allowing visitors to engage with the artists and learn about their inspiration and techniques. These tours can range from informal gallery settings to intimate home studios, showcasing a variety of works from finished pieces to experimental projects.

MotherShip Studios is currently promoting the participating artists on Instagram, featuring a diverse range of talents such as Jamie Ruth Barnard’s abstract landscapes, Arthur Simon’s unique rock art, and Jasna Boudard’s immersive photography and video works. While the list of participating artists is currently only available on social media, a map will be provided for easy navigation during the tour.

The San Marcos Studio Tour invites visitors to explore the vibrant art community in the area, with potential activities including demos, workshops, studio parties, guided tours, live music, and more. Although the submission form for artists is closed for this year, the event remains free for visitors who are encouraged to support Mothership Studios through donations.

For those interested in attending the San Marcos Studio Tour, more information about the event and its organizer can be found on the Mothership Studios website. Don’t miss this chance to experience art in a unique and intimate setting in San Marcos.

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