Exploring the BMW Designworks Studio in Santa Monica

The futuristic Santa Monica headquarters of BMW Designworks is not just a typical design studio but a portal to innovative technology and forward-thinking design. As a subsidiary of the BMW Group, Designworks has a grand mission to influence the future of mobility and human experiences.

Operating as the driving force behind BMW Group’s design strategy, Designworks has a global presence with studios in the United States, Munich, and Shanghai. This strategic network offers a comprehensive perspective on global trends and consumer needs, creating a dynamic environment for creativity to flourish.

Gone are the days when design studios focused solely on aesthetics. Designworks boasts a rich 50-year history and a global presence. In the vibrant Santa Monica location, established in 2022, a team of creative minds collaborates on a diverse portfolio ranging from iconic BMW models to luxurious airplane cabins and even bus shelters for Los Angeles. Their client list includes prestigious names like John Deere, EVA Air, Singapore Airlines, Bavaria Yachtbau, ASUS, and more.

One of the innovative concepts we explored during our visit was the transformation of a car’s exterior into a dynamic canvas, incorporating digital elements for a personalized and interactive experience. This includes digital faces, dynamic rim designs, and communicative beltlines, enhancing the car’s intelligence and allowing drivers to express their personality and mood even before stepping inside.

Ultimately, our experience at the BMW Designworks studio in Santa Monica revealed a comprehensive approach to design that goes beyond just creating cars. By shaping the future of mobility and design, Designworks is paving the way for a new era of personalized, interconnected experiences that will revolutionize the way we navigate and engage with the world around us.

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