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Fastest growing automotive brand OMODA & JAECOO makes global impact

OMODA & JAECOO Make New Energy Debut at Beijing Auto Show 2024

OMODA & JAECOO, a forward-thinking automobile brand dedicated to shaping the future of transportation, recently made a splash at the prestigious Beijing Auto Show 2024 by unveiling three new models: the fully electric OMODA E5, and the hybrid SUVs JAECOO J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV.

In addition to showcasing these new vehicles, OMODA & JAECOO introduced the O-UNIVERSE ‘GREEN OJ’ public welfare platform. This initiative demonstrates their strong commitment to environmental protection and supporting vulnerable communities.

Building on existing partnerships with organizations like IUCN, Indonesia’s Pandawara, and New Zealand’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful, OMODA & JAECOO is expanding its reach to countries such as the UK, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. This expansion lays a solid foundation for the brand’s global welfare efforts.

CEO Shawn Xu expressed gratitude to the teams that worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the global debut at the exhibition. Through strategic events like global music festivals and charity tours, OMODA & JAECOO has cemented its brand presence on a worldwide scale. The brand has garnered 24 billion exposures and captured the interest of over 5.2 million fans from more than 40 countries.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, OMODA & JAECOO is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry and beyond.

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