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‘FEDORA and Rail Europe Team Up to Promote Access to Opera and Dance in Europe’

Rail Europe, the leading platform for train ticketing in Europe, has partnered with the FEDORA community as a corporate member. This collaboration aims to promote sustainable and eco-friendly mobility to enhance access to the performing arts throughout Europe. With convenient rail connections available to numerous opera houses, dance companies, and festivals within Rail Europe’s network of over 70 countries, this partnership is set to provide greater opportunities for cultural experiences.

Björn Bender, President and CEO of Rail Europe, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the shared dedication to promoting accessibility and sustainability in their respective industries and beyond. The recent FEDORA prize winners, including composers Alex Ho, Sarah Théry, and Hannah Conway, serve as a testament to the community’s commitment to supporting artistic talent.

This partnership between Rail Europe and FEDORA signifies a step towards fostering a more interconnected and environmentally conscious cultural landscape in Europe. By leveraging the reach and accessibility of rail travel, the collaboration strives to make the arts more inclusive and sustainable for audiences across the continent.

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