‘Fleet management undergoes improvements in preparation for electric vehicles’

General Motors showcased a new focus on fleet customers at Work Truck Week in Indianapolis this year, with the introduction of its new fleet-focused business unit, GM Envolve. This new initiative replaces the familiar Chevrolet logo and signifies a shift in mindset for the automaker.

Sandor Piszar, VP of GM Envolve, emphasized that this is more than just a rebranding effort. The goal is to leverage General Motors’ full suite of products and services to help customers grow their businesses.

One key aspect of GM Envolve is providing fleets with a single point of contact for all GM fleet products and services. This streamlined approach means fleet decision-makers no longer have to juggle multiple contacts for various needs, ranging from OnStar service to GM Energy, GM Financial, data and analytics, and other GM offerings.

Through GM Envolve, fleets can benefit from GM’s extensive product lineup, dealer network, and expertise in the commercial fleet business. Piszar highlighted a case with long-time GM customer AutoZone, where GM Envolve assisted with the purchase of Chevrolet Colorados and provided additional services like protective floor liners, route optimization, and driver safety tracking.

GM Envolve also focuses on helping fleets plan for the future, whether that involves transitioning to electric vehicles or continuing to operate internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. With GM’s commitment to building fully electric vehicles by 2035, the company is prepared to assist fleets in adopting EVs and implementing charging infrastructure through GM Energy.

Overall, GM Envolve aims to provide a comprehensive package of products and services that sets General Motors apart from competitors and positions the company as a valuable partner for fleets of all sizes and needs.

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