“Guests Featured in Episode 4”

Attracting and retaining young professionals in Baton Rouge was the focus of a recent episode of Business Report’s Strictly Business series. The panel of experts delved into the city’s struggle with self-perception, economic barriers, and the need to cultivate a new generation of community leaders.

Panelists included Jeremy Beyt, co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight; Sabrina Galloway, Principal Strategist of The Galloway Group; and Amanda Martin, CEO of Studyville. They discussed the Better in BTR campaign, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and the importance of developing young leaders in the community.

The conversation highlighted the importance of creating opportunities for young professionals to thrive in Baton Rouge and emphasized the role of businesses and community leaders in shaping a vibrant and inclusive city. By working together to address challenges and support emerging talent, Baton Rouge can attract and retain a new generation of skilled professionals.

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