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Highlighting the Stories of Houston Mexican Restaurants and Owners: ‘Talking Sabor’ – A New Series

A new streaming series called “Talking Sabor” celebrating Hispanic culture, community, and their economic contributions as small business owners in Houston is set to debut on Hulu. This is Pepsi’s first streaming series, and the company has chosen four restaurant owners from the Houston area to be featured on the show.

Chef Aarón Sánchez and special celebrity guests will be visiting the Hispanic-owned small businesses to hear their stories and try some delicious dishes. One of the featured restaurants is Barcenas Mexican Restaurant, a family-run establishment that has been serving traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes in Houston for 25 years. Owners Josie and Homero will showcase Homero’s enchiladas and their top-selling Angus beef fajitas on the show. The enchiladas are a special recipe created by Homero using beef cheek meat and a unique jalapeno hot sauce.

Other restaurants featured on “Talking Sabor” include Guanatos Grub, Happy Takos, and Las Mamalonas Burgers. To celebrate the debut of the series, Houstonians are encouraged to visit these restaurants and enjoy a specially curated menu featuring the dishes sampled on the show.

The first 30 households to order from the “Talking Sabor” tasting menus will receive a Hulu gift card to watch the show at home. “Talking Sabor” will be available for streaming on Hulu starting April 24.

This series is a great way to showcase the diverse Hispanic-owned small businesses in Houston and the delicious culinary creations they have to offer.

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