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Largest Funktion One Setup Ever Seen in Australia at Pitch Music & Arts

Located in the foothills of the Grampian plains, Pitch Music & Arts has solidified its reputation as one of Australia’s premier events for underground electronic music since its establishment in 2017. This year, the 2024 festival took things up a notch by showcasing Australia’s largest Funktion-One sound system on the main stage (Pitch 1) – a massive 12 per-side Vero setup supplied by Adam Ward’s Full Throttle Entertainment. In addition, Chris Lath’s Purple Audio provided a Funktion-One Evo 7 system for Pitch 3.

“Sound has always played a crucial role in our events right from the start,” stated Filippo Palermo, organizer of Pitch Music & Arts Festival. “Having Funktion-One at our festival is a major draw for attendees. The naturally engineered sound is what sets it apart and creates a unique experience. Those who have encountered it can truly appreciate the difference, especially in the bass.”

Palermo and his team launched the Pitch Arts & Music Festival in 2017, overcoming initial challenges to transform it into the massive 18,000-capacity extravaganza it is today. Prioritizing sound quality has always been a top priority for them. “The reputation of Funktion-One was a significant factor in attracting both attendees, audio enthusiasts, and artists who understand how to optimize this system,” Palermo added.

Under the guidance of Ward, Full Throttle Entertainment delivered the groundbreaking sound for this year’s festival. “Adam has been instrumental in shaping the festival into what it is today,” Palermo remarked. “This year, he has brought the largest deployment of Funktion-One in Australian history. It’s not about having the loudest system; although it’s the biggest, we’re not pushing it to the max. Everything is operating at around 40% capacity, ensuring top-notch audio quality no matter where you are on the dance floor.”

“The sound system itself is a work of art, especially when it’s a massive 24-box flown system, along with delays, in-fills, and monitors,” he continued. “The stage, designed by local architects Ambrose Zacharakis and Henry Howson, perfectly complements the aesthetic of the Funktion-One system, adding to its allure.”

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