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Largest Funktion One setup in Australia unveiled at Pitch Music & Arts

Pitch Music & Arts Festival in Australia is known for its unique and distinctive underground electronic music scene since its establishment in 2017. This year, the festival stepped it up a notch by featuring Australia’s largest Funktion-One sound system, with a massive 12 per-side Vero setup on the main stage (Pitch 1) provided by Adam Ward’s Full Throttle Entertainment. Additionally, Chris Lath’s Purple Audio supplied a Funktion-One Evo 7 system for Pitch 3.

Filippo Palermo, from Pitch Music & Arts Festival, emphasized the importance of sound in their events, stating that Funktion-One’s naturally engineered sound makes the festival unique and special. Palermo, along with his partners, have grown the festival from its challenging beginnings in 2017 to the 18,000-capacity event it is today, always prioritizing sound quality.

Adam Ward’s Full Throttle Entertainment played a crucial role in delivering the landmark main stage sound for this year’s festival. Palermo praised Ward’s contribution, stating that he has helped create the festival as it is today. The Funktion-One system deployed this year is the largest in Australian history, with a focus on maintaining quality rather than simply increasing volume.

The sound system, described as an art piece in itself, was complemented by the stage design from local architects. Palermo highlighted the aesthetic of the Funktion-One system, stating that it added to the charm of the festival experience.

Overall, Pitch Music & Arts Festival continues to set the bar high in the Australian electronic music scene, with a commitment to delivering top-notch sound quality and creating a truly immersive experience for attendees.

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