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‘Lilium Electrifies Over 100 Atlantic FBOs Through New Partnership’

Atlantic Aviation has recently made a significant move towards electrifying its network of more than 100 FBOs by signing a memorandum of understanding with Germany’s Lilium. The collaboration aims to transform existing U.S. airport infrastructure to accommodate Lilium’s flagship Lilium Jet, a seven-seat eVTOL design for regional air mobility services.

This partnership between Atlantic Aviation and Lilium will pave the way for the adoption of innovative electric aviation technology within the aviation industry. The electrification of FBOs is a step towards sustainable aviation practices and will contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the air transportation sector.

The introduction of the Lilium Jet to Atlantic Aviation’s network showcases a commitment to embracing modern aviation trends and providing efficient regional air mobility services. It is a significant development that highlights the industry’s shift towards eco-friendly and advanced aircraft solutions.

With this collaboration, Atlantic Aviation and Lilium are poised to revolutionize the way regional air mobility services are delivered, setting a new standard for sustainable air travel. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership between two industry leaders.

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