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Mason Felps Prepares for Rock The Country Festival with Chauvet Professional Lighting

Don’s Seafood, a renowned institution in Ascension Parish known for its Cajun delicacies, experienced an unprecedented surge in sales over the weekend of April 5th and 6th. The 90-year old restaurant reported over ,000 in additional revenue during this period. This trend was mirrored throughout Gonzales, a town of approximately 13,000 residents, where various businesses saw increased foot traffic and sales.

The boost in economic activity was attributed to the Rock The Country festival organized by 46 Entertainment and Peach Tree Entertainment. The event, aimed at supporting small towns in the South, featured a lineup of popular country artists such as Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, and Travis Tritt. The festival, held at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center and attended by 60,000 fans, not only provided a memorable experience for attendees but also injected money into the local economy.

The production team behind the festival, led by Mason Felps, ensured that the stage setup was top-notch. With a range of advanced lighting fixtures, including Color STRIKE M motorized strobe-washes and STRIKE Array 4 blinders from Chauvet Professional, the LDs created stunning visual displays on the 60′ by 65′ main stage. These fixtures, along with a massive video wall, added a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to the performances.

The pixel-mappable Color STRIKE M fixtures allowed designers to showcase dazzling special effects, enhancing the overall visual impact of the show. Additionally, the high-output blinders, STRIKE Array 4, played a crucial role in engaging the audience and connecting them with the artists on stage. Felps’ vision for the production design emphasized creating a strong connection between performers and fans, adding an extra level of intensity to the festival.

Overall, Rock The Country not only entertained thousands of country music enthusiasts but also brought a much-needed economic boost to the small town of Gonzales and its surrounding businesses. The success of the festival highlighted the power of music and entertainment in fostering community spirit and supporting local economies.

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