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Masters of the Wild: A Feature on American Magicians

Living in the countryside of Normandy, France, has taught me to appreciate the occasional experiences that transport me back in time. Walking my dogs, I often come across posters advertising local events like the upcoming “Festival de l’Accordéon” in Moncy, which fills my mind with visions of hundreds of accordions playing in unison.

However, it’s the bold and colorful signs for events like Le Cirque Zavatta that truly capture my attention as I drive into Condé sur Noireau for my weekly shopping. Known as one of the “cirques tziganes” or “Gypsy” circuses, Le Cirque Zavatta brings a sense of nostalgia with its red trailers carrying lions, zebras, llamas, camels, and majestic black horses with flowing manes. The circus sets up its Big Top near the Super U supermarket, creating a magical atmosphere where both performers and animals coexist.

Attending Le Cirque Zavatta turned out to be a special experience as it provided me with the opportunity to witness something that would soon be a thing of the past, with the impending ban on lions in circuses. Spending an afternoon and evening with the circus family, I felt a sense of connection to their world, where the animals played an essential and cherished role.

In a fast-paced modern world, events like these serve as reminders of simpler times and the importance of preserving traditions that are slowly fading away.The community coming together to celebrate these cultural events adds richness and depth to the local experience, creating lasting memories for all involved.

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