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‘Mistress of the Forest’

Spring has arrived, and so has Morel season! These sought-after spores are popping up in the forests and on our plates at local restaurants. One unique way to celebrate the season is by sporting the fairytale-inspired Lady of the Woods shirt from Tee See Tee in Traverse City. This whimsical shirt is not only a fashion-forward choice for spring, but it also allows you to blend in perfectly with the woods while out morel hunting.

The Lady of the Woods shirt is priced at and features a design that whispers, “Psst. Heard you were looking for me?” It’s the perfect outfit to wear when exploring the forest in search of morels, keeping you hidden as you uncover new, undisturbed patches.

If you’re a fan of morel mushrooms, don’t miss out on the 64th annual National Morel Mushroom Festival in Boyne City from May 16-19. This festival celebrates all things morel-related and is a great opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes and learn more about these elusive fungi.

You can purchase the Lady of the Woods shirt online at teeseetee.com and find out more details about the National Morel Mushroom Festival at bcmorelfestival.com. Embrace the magic of Morel season with this enchanting shirt and join in the festivities at the upcoming festival.

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