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‘Munich Hotel Adapts Amenities for Slow Travelers’

Seizing on the growing trend of slow travel, KING’s Hotels Munich has revamped its amenities to better serve long-stay travelers and digital nomads. The flagship property, KING’s Hotel First, as well as the aparthotel AdvaStay by KING’s, are at the forefront of this transformation with their premier extended-stay hotel apartments, designed for comfort and convenience.

Hanna King, the CEO of KING’s Hotels, highlights the shift in traveler preferences, stating, “Today’s travelers are seeking more than just a place to stay. They are looking for spaces that offer a home-like feel, equipped for both work and leisure. We have redesigned our amenities to provide a more integrated and flexible experience, especially for those planning longer stays in Munich.”

Both KING’s Hotel First and AdvaStay by KING’s feature hotel apartments that combine the luxury of a hotel with the functionality of a home. Complete with private kitchenettes, comfortable workspaces, and high-speed Wi-Fi, guests can seamlessly live, work, and relax. These accommodations are perfect for guests looking to immerse themselves in Munich’s culture and lifestyle for extended periods.

A standout feature is KING’s Cafe and Bar Munich, a unique establishment catering not only to hotel guests but also to locals. By day, it serves as a dynamic space for guests and professionals to convene, and by night, it transforms into a trendy cocktail bar, offering the perfect mix of productivity and socializing.

KING’s Hotels Munich’s central location in the Maxvorstadt district, just a short walk from Munich’s central train station, further adds to its appeal for slow travelers. Guests can easily access the city’s cultural, dining, and shopping experiences, making it an ideal home base for exploring Munich.

With these enhancements, KING’s Hotels Munich is setting a new standard in meeting the evolving demands of today’s travelers, seamlessly blending the flexibility of long-term stays with the services and amenities of a top-tier hotel. If you are interested in booking a stay or learning more about KING’s Hotels Munich, contact the hotel directly through the provided information.

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