‘Naturals undergoes a transformation’

Murphy’s Naturals Unveils Brand Refresh with Sustainable Packaging

Murphy’s Naturals, a leading insect repellent brand, has announced a major brand refresh with a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The brand’s updated look features a revamped logo and packaging designs inspired by Earth’s palette, including shades of green and other natural colors.

The refresh includes the elimination of unnecessary plastics and dyes from Murphy’s Naturals packaging and products, aiming to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Mackenzie Donegan, director of marketing for Murphy’s Naturals, stated, “Our customers can expect the same great formulas, just with a visual makeover. By elevating our look, we are not only making our products more visually appealing but also communicating our products’ efficacy more clearly.”

As part of the brand refresh, Murphy’s Naturals has made sustainable changes to their products. The plastic bag previously used for incense sticks has been swapped for paper, and silica gel packets have been replaced with sustainable natural desiccants. The food-grade green dye in the incense has also been removed to reduce unnecessary ingredients.

Moreover, the Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Spray now comes in bottles made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, representing a 25% increase in PCR usage. The Mosquito Repellent Tea Light Candles are now packaged without plastic, as a plastic “window” has been eliminated.

This brand refresh comes at a time when Murphy’s Naturals is experiencing significant retail growth, with products available at national retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Target, REI, and Whole Foods. Philip Freeman, founder and CEO of Murphy’s Naturals, expressed, “Our mission is bigger than insect repellent; we aim to empower people to venture outdoors worry-free. As a Certified B Corporation, it’s important to constantly push ourselves to improve. Our hope is that this undertaking will signal to consumers that Murphy’s Naturals believes in something much bigger than ourselves.”

Murphy’s Naturals collaborated with Baldwin on brand strategy and The Splinter Group on packaging design for this project. With a renewed focus on sustainability and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Murphy’s Naturals continues to provide effective insect repellent solutions for consumers who value eco-friendly practices.

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