Nearly Half of US Consumers Believe Brand Reputation Outweighs Price

Consumer purchase decisions are influenced by a variety of factors beyond just price, according to a recent study by Marigold. While 65% of US consumers prioritize product or service quality over price, the preferences vary among different age groups. Gen Zers, for example, are less concerned about quality, with only 41% agreeing that it is more important than price.

Interestingly, as the generations progress, the importance of product and service quality increases, with 77% of Boomers valuing it the most. This focus on quality aligns with another study that found consumers are willing to pay extra for high-quality products.

For Gen Zers, convenience is a key factor that outweighs price, with 44% of respondents indicating that availability, purchase, or delivery options are more critical. However, they still fall below the overall average of 58% in this aspect, with Boomers leading at 66%.

Financial constraints may explain why price is more significant for Gen Zers. Over half of Gen Z consumers cite the high cost of living as a barrier to financial success, and less than half consider themselves financially independent.

In terms of other influencing factors, 53% of respondents prioritize excellent customer service over price, while 45% value the brand’s reputation. Meanwhile, brand trust plays a significant role in purchasing decisions, especially among Boomers.

When it comes to loyalty, Millennials are the most inclined to pay more for brands they trust, with 83% expressing loyalty. Gen Zers, on the other hand, are the least likely to exhibit brand loyalty, despite being more focused on digital experiences.

Interestingly, Gen Zers are more influenced by offers and promotions, whereas Millennials prioritize online availability and customer service. Gen Xers value product choice, while Boomers prioritize customer service the most.

Overall, the study underscores the complexity of consumer decision-making, emphasizing the importance of factors beyond price in shaping purchase behaviors. For more insights, the full report can be accessed online.

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