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‘New Art Museum at NTHU to Open Next Year’

The Hong Liang Art Museum at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, recently celebrated its beam-raising ceremony, marking a significant milestone in the completion of its main structure. This new museum is poised to become a prominent aesthetic landmark in the region, with an expected opening in the first half of the coming year.

Named after its main benefactor, alumus Hong-Liang Hsieh, chairman of Scientech Corporation, the museum aims to not only host international exhibitions but also offer lectures, artistic events, and cultural activities. This initiative seeks to enrich the campus art scene and provide a platform for faculty, students, and the public to engage with contemporary art treasures.

During the ceremony, Hsieh highlighted the museum’s role in NTHU’s renaissance, emphasizing the integration of academia with the arts and humanities. He stressed the importance of sustainability and encouraged the school community to support the NTHU Renaissance movement.

Designed by a team of architects led by Hsu-Yuan Kuo and Effie Huang, the museum’s striking architecture features three earth-toned boxes emerging from the green landscape of Tsing Hua Laboratory. With two stories above ground and one below, the museum offers a spacious environment for exhibitions and cultural events.

Curator Su-Zhen Xie envisions the museum as a vibrant space for international exhibitions and cultural gatherings. With plans for a cafe, event space, and educational programs, the museum aims to attract a diverse audience and become a hub for artistic dialogue and community engagement.

As the construction progresses towards completion, the museum is on track to open its doors to the public in the near future, offering a new cultural and educational destination in Hsinchu. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project in Taiwan.

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