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‘New Artist Debuts in Japan’

BOYNEXTDOOR is gearing up for their official debut in Japan on July 10th with their highly anticipated first single, ‘AND.’ The single will include Japanese versions of some of their hit tracks like ‘One and Only’ from their debut single ‘WHO!’, ‘Mwot Gata’ from their mini-album ‘WHY..’, and ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ from ‘HOW?’, in addition to an original Japanese track.

The group’s recent mini-album ‘HOW?’ was a massive success in Korea, and it also gained significant popularity in Japan. The album nearly doubled the first-week sales of their previous release, claiming top spots on Oricon’s weekly album ranking and Billboard Japan’s ‘Hot Albums’ chart. Additionally, it held the number one position on Japan Line Music’s ‘Daily Album Top 100’ for five consecutive days.

BOYNEXTDOOR’s success has led to an invitation to perform at ‘Summer Sonic 2024,’ a prestigious music festival in Japan. The festival is known for attracting top artists from across Asia and beyond, making it a significant milestone for any artist. Despite being newcomers in the industry, BOYNEXTDOOR has already showcased their unique performances and stage presence at various festivals, earning them rave reviews and ultimately landing them a spot at ‘Summer Sonic’ even before their official debut.

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