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‘New GPU Server Product Line from ZOTAC for AI Progression’

ZOTAC Technology Limited is pleased to announce the expansion of its product portfolio with the introduction of the GPU Server Series. This new Enterprise lineup is designed to provide organizations with affordable and high-performance computing solutions for a variety of demanding applications, ranging from core-to-edge inferencing and data visualization to model training, HPC modeling, and simulation.

The ZOTAC series of GPU Servers offers a diverse range of form factors and configurations, including Tower Workstations and Rack Mount Servers with both Intel and AMD processor options. These servers can support up to 10 GPUs, feature a modular design for easier access to internal hardware, provide a high space-to-performance ratio, and include industry-standard features such as redundant power supplies and extensive cooling options. This ensures optimal performance and durability even under sustained intense workloads.

The ZOTAC GPU Server Lineup consists of three different series:

1. Essential Series: Designed for cost-effectiveness and flexibility, the Essential Series is available in BOLT Tower Workstation and 4U rack server form factors. Ideal for system integrators and businesses looking for a good price/performance ratio, this series offers support for Intel 3rd and 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processors, making it suitable for applications such as Generative AI inference, data science, 3D content creation, and game development.

2. Advanced Series: Offering PCIe Gen 5 slots for increased throughput, the Advanced Series provides high performance capabilities to tackle more demanding tasks and extended operational capabilities.

3. Premier Series: Tailored for the most challenging workloads, the Premier Series is available in both 4U and 8U Rack Mount servers and is optimized for large language model (LLM) and Cloud AI model training. This series can leverage up to eight Server PCI Express Module (SXM) or OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) GPUs from all major vendors, offering top-tier performance and reliability.

One notable selection from the lineup is the ZRS-3220M4 4U Intel Rack-Mounted GPU Server, which can accommodate up to 10 GPUs with its 10 PCIe x16 slots. This server also features two 5th and 4th Gen. Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for intense workloads, as well as 4+1 2000W (240V) 80+ Platinum redundant power supplies for minimal downtime and reliable performance.

ZOTAC’s GPU servers will be available in barebone or chassis-motherboard bundle configurations depending on the form factor, allowing organizations to integrate components as needed. The servers are fully modular with optimized cable management design for streamlined maintenance and easy system integration, with ample airflow for heat dissipation.

Furthermore, ZOTAC’s servers are validated to run various Linux Enterprise-Grade distributions commonly used for server-grade hardware, ensuring maximum compatibility and seamless software transition efforts.

The GPU Server Series will be available for order by March 25, 2024, with a phased rollout across global markets starting in China and followed by international availability. For more information, visit the official ZOTAC website.

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