New Software Tool Available to Aid in Emissions Data Collection from Suppliers

Software company Optera has recently released a groundbreaking new software module designed to assist companies in collecting emissions data from their suppliers. This new module is a part of Optera’s Supply Chain Manager data management platform, which boasts a vast database of reporting from over 10,000 suppliers.

With this innovative tool, companies can now access detailed information on emission levels throughout their supply chains. By providing insight into the scope 3 footprint of individual suppliers, Optera is enabling companies to gain a better understanding of their environmental impact. Additionally, the module offers educational resources and guidance to support suppliers on their journey towards decarbonization.

According to Optera CEO Tim Weiss, the Outreach module serves to enhance a company’s scope 3 data coverage, allowing for comprehensive visibility across all levels of supplier maturity. This, in turn, helps companies in setting science-based targets, identifying areas for emission reduction, and engaging with suppliers as valuable partners in sustainability efforts.

Overall, Optera’s new software module is poised to revolutionize how companies track and manage emissions data from their suppliers, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain management process.

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