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New Solar-Powered Arts and Cultural Hub ‘IMMERSEE’ Revealed in Eco-Friendly City

The Sustainable City in Dubai has recently introduced “IMMERSEE,” a new arts and cultural destination focused on sustainability education. This innovative space is housed within the net zero emissions building, SEE Institute, which operates solely on solar energy and produces 300% of its energy needs.

IMMERSEE is a fusion of art and technology, offering thoughtfully curated content that pushes boundaries in storytelling and artistic expression. The goal is to inspire individuals and communities to adopt sustainable lifestyles and drive positive change. The venue also serves as a unique setting for events, exhibitions, and activations.

Beyond digital art displays, IMMERSEE will host programs that go beyond visual entertainment. Visitors can experience 360-degree movies that feature stories of change-makers, shedding light on social and environmental issues. These narratives aim to spark conversations and drive understanding, motivating guests to actively participate in the sustainability movement.

With its focus on creativity, education, and sustainability, IMMERSEE promises to be a hub for inspiration and positive action in the region’s cultural landscape.

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