‘New Water Supply Investment of £1.9m in Blyth’

Water infrastructure in Blyth is getting a major upgrade as water workers are currently renewing over 11km of pipework in the area. This project is aimed at enhancing the network and safeguarding water supplies for customers. With an investment of £1.9m from Northumbrian Water, the project is expected to be completed by August 2024. Additionally, customer service pipes servicing 1,200 properties in the Plessey Road area will also be replaced.

The main focus of the project is to replace the old cast iron pipes with more durable plastic piping. In collaboration with United Living, Northumbrian Water is also installing additional valves in the network. These upgrades not only ensure water quality but also improve the network’s resilience in case of bursts, allowing for continuous water supply to more customers.

To minimize disruption for residents, United Living has assigned a dedicated Customer Service Technician to liaise with customers before and during the construction work near their properties. Brian Hardy, Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, emphasized the importance of this investment in maintaining water quality and protecting customers’ supplies.

Hardy stated, “This investment is helping to not only ensure customers in Blyth continue to receive clean, clear, and great-tasting tap water, it’s also enhancing our network in a way that makes it more resilient, helping protect customers’ supplies.”

Despite the potential for disruption during the construction phase, Northumbrian Water and United Living are working closely with customers to keep them informed and address any concerns promptly. Customers have been thanked for their patience and understanding as the project aims to improve and safeguard water supplies in Blyth.

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