‘Otay Mesa Project Receives Approval After Over a Decade of Planning’

San Diego city planners recently granted unanimous approval to Cornerstone Communities for their Candlelight project in Otay Mesa. This development will feature 450 townhouses and is situated near the U.S.-Mexico border in one of the few remaining undeveloped areas of San Diego County.

The project, which had previously received approval, required a new vote due to changes in the unit types. Environmental concerns and the need for mitigation efforts have caused delays in the planning process for approximately 12 years. However, with the recent vote, Cornerstone is looking to begin work on the site in September, with the first homes expected to be ready by late 2025.

Cornerstone’s CEO, Ure Kretowicz, envisions the Candlelight project as workforce housing, with initial cost estimates placing townhouses in the mid-0,000 to low 0,000 price range. Even the highest-priced units will be below the 2,500 median home price recorded in January.

Overall, this development represents an important step in addressing the housing needs of the region, offering a mix of affordability and quality in a rapidly growing area like Otay Mesa.

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