‘Plants in Spain Recognized as Top Employer in 2024’

Bridgestone Hispania Manufacturing plants in Spain have been honored by the Top Employers Institute for their excellence in People Practices. The Basauri, Usánsolo, Burgos, and Puente San Miguel plants have been recognized as Top Employers for 2024.

This prestigious certification highlights Bridgestone’s dedication to creating an optimal work environment by implementing policies and practices that prioritize excellence in human resources management. The Top Employers Institute program certification is a testament to Bridgestone’s ongoing commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive workplace for its employees.

This recognition showcases Bridgestone’s leadership in fostering a supportive and empowering workplace culture. The company’s continuous efforts to promote employee well-being and professional development have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by this Top Employer Award.

Overall, Bridgestone’s achievement as a Top Employer in Spain underscores its reputation as a forward-thinking and employee-centric organization. This recognition serves as a testament to Bridgestone’s ongoing commitment to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment for all its employees.

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