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Promoting self-improvement through charitable contributions in Minnesota

A group of 14 certified coaches is dedicating their downtime to support 22 charitable initiatives through a donation-based program. This initiative, known as Coaching for Causes, was established by Professional Development and Career Coach Caroline Lenher in 2022 and is set to continue its giving back in May. The program brings together Certified Professional Coaches who offer one-on-one coaching sessions while raising funds for local and global causes.

What makes Coaching for Causes unique is its focus on both personal growth and community support. Coaches from various backgrounds volunteer their coaching hours to provide transformative sessions to individuals seeking personal or professional development.

Throughout the month of May, participants are asked to donate a minimum of to one or more of the 22 supported causes in exchange for coaching sessions. These causes range from health-related charities like the American Brain Tumor Association to global organizations like Doctors Without Borders. The causes chosen are those that hold special significance to the participating coaches.

Since its inception, Coaching for Causes has grown significantly, now including 14 dedicated professionals in 2024. With the launch of a dedicated website, the initiative aims to reach more individuals and raise greater funds for the causes they support.

Caroline Lenher, the founder of Coaching for Causes, emphasizes the importance of giving back, stating, “Giving coaching time in exchange for supporting impactful causes feels like the least we can do to support those in need of coaching while making our communities and the world a better place.”

To participate in Coaching for Causes, individuals can visit the website, select a coach that aligns with their needs, make a donation, and schedule a coaching session. This allows them to experience the power of coaching while supporting meaningful causes.

For more information about Coaching for Causes and to view the list of participating coaches and causes, visit the official website at https://www.coachingforcauses.com/.

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