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Quebec electric vehicle rebate discontinuation could hinder transition to eco-friendly vehicles, warn auto dealers

The decision by the Quebec government to end a rebate for electric vehicles is expected to hinder the province’s transition to cleaner cars, according to Ian Sam Yue Chi, head of Quebec’s automobile dealers association.

The rebate, which can amount to up to ,000, has been a significant incentive for consumers looking to purchase electric vehicles, says Yue Chi. However, in the budget presented by Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard on Tuesday, it was announced that subsidies for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will be phased out starting next year, with complete elimination by 2027.

Despite the government’s rationale that the rebate is no longer necessary due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (which make up one in every five new vehicle sales in the province), Yue Chi raises concerns about the impact on dealers who may be left with unsold electric cars due to a separate Quebec law mandating manufacturers to distribute electric vehicles in the province.

Environmental group Équiterre has criticized the government’s decision, pointing out that insufficient funding for public transit limits people’s access to alternative transportation options, thereby diminishing the effectiveness of the subsidy in reducing emissions.

The move to end the rebate has sparked debate among industry experts and environmental advocates, with many questioning the government’s strategy in promoting cleaner transportation solutions. The post-Bloomberg.

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