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Revitalizing North America’s Only Caffeinated Plant Yaupon In Ready-To-Drink Beverages – PRWire

One of the First Ready-To-Drink Functional Beverages Using Yaupon, North America’s Only Caffeinated Plant, Launches in the U.S.

Tide Amplified Tea is at the forefront of the revitalization of Yaupon with its energy, focus and mood benefitting sparkling teas 

PRWire: St. Petersburg, FL (03/26/2024) – Tide Amplified Tea, a Florida-based lifestyle brand, is launching one of the nation’s first ready-to-drink (RTD) Yaupon-based functional beverage lines, which is available in three sparkling tropical flavors. Yaupon (Yo-Pawn) tea, contains the natural mood enhancer theobromine, is high in antioxidants and offers a host of other anti-disease fighting properties. It has been used by indigenous people across the Southeastern United States for thousands of years as both a stimulating, cleansing, and healing beverage and is also known for its smooth taste and jitter free, no crash, long lasting energy.

With all Tide Amplified Tea products, the goal is to simply “amplify” the natural properties of the Yaupon Tea with other organic ingredients and adaptogens that complement and enhance the plant’s natural properties. The result is hours of energy, focus and mental clarity. 

“We are proud of our products and would put them up against the healthiest beverages on the market, as we use only natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives. Our foremost priority was to ensure we did not take away from the wild harvested organic tea properties by using only premium ingredients. You can easily understand the ingredients on the back of our cans, knowing you are drinking an exceptionally clean and healthy product,” said Ryan Waier, one of Tide Amplified Tea’s founding members.

Tide Amplified Tea is entering the market with two non-alcoholic proprietary product lines, both which contain organic caffeine and ginseng. The Focus+Energy line is a traditional functional beverage with lion’s mane and cordyceps functional mushrooms to help reduce brain fog and assist in recovery. The Energy+Mood line, including Tropical Blend and Black/Blueberry flavors, was also engineered as pre-flavored premium mixers for cocktails.

The company officially debuted the beverage line at Reggae Rise Up Florida in St. Petersburg on March 14-17.  Tide Amplified Tea is currently available for purchase online through Amazon, and Tide plans to bring Yaupon to the masses at thousands of festivals, concerts and lifestyle events across the country.  

Tide Amplified Tea’s partners includes owners of EVENT Live, one of the largest event service companies in the Southeast US, and LNE Presents. They have formed a partnership with the foremost premium provider of wild harvested organic Yaupon in the United States, CatsSpring Yaupon, located in Austin, TX. This partnership will ensure an endless supply of the most premium Yapon on the market for years to come. 


About Tide Bevs 

TIDE Amplified Tea, based out of St. Petersburg, FL, is a Florida lifestyle brand that combines our core founders’ concert and event background with the beach-going, sun-loving, part-time pirate traditions of the state we call home. All TIDE Amplified Teas are handcrafted with ultra-premium ingredients and real brewed Yaupon Tea adding a little “Sunshine In Every Sip” that transports you to this tropical paradise we live in.  www.tidebevs.com.

About EVENT Live 

EVENT Live, based out of Tampa, FL., is one of the largest event service companies in the Southeast US providing on-line ticketing, marketing, production and sponsorship solutions to event organizers and venues throughout the United States. Founded in 2013, Event Live has over a decade of experience in live events including a collaboration with Pier Events, LLC to program over 100 events that draw in excess of 130,000 people annually to the St Pete Pier.  www.eventliveus.com/tour 

About LNE Presents

LNE Presents is a full-service entertainment company bringing you top-tier concerts and events in Utah, Florida, Nevada, and Maryland. Founded in 2012, LNE Presents has grown into one of the most prominent independent event companies in the U.S. Responsible for producing hundreds of mid-to-large-scale concerts along with a number of large-scale music festivals annually, LNE Presents prides itself on working with industry-leading talent and providing state-of-the-art production. Maintaining focus on the fan experience while both meeting and exceeding the needs of the diverse lineup of artists represented, LNE Presents is in the business of making memories for fans that will last a lifetime! www.lnepresents.com 

About CatSprings Yaupon 

CatSprings Yaupon is the premier producer of yaupon tea and is located in Austin Texas. CatSpring Yaupon has been sustainably wild harvesting and sharing this incredible plant for over a decade becoming one of the foremost experts on Yaupon in the world. https://catspringtea.com/  

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CatSprings Yaupon 

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