Significant Transformation at Amlin

MS Amlin Reports Financial Turnaround with Operating Profit Increase

MS Amlin, a Lloyd’s (re)insurer, has announced a significant financial turnaround in its latest financial results. The company reported a major improvement from an operating loss in 2022, with operating profit increasing to £256.8 million in 2023. This marked a substantial improvement from the previous year’s loss of £46.7 million.

The company attributed its success to a combination of factors, including improved risk selection and actions aimed at refining its core underwriting portfolio. MS Amlin also focused on enhancing the quality and mix of its business while reducing attritional losses and managing costs.

Furthermore, the company benefitted from a “relatively benign” natural catastrophe year and an attractive rate environment in 2023. Significant improvements in operational efficiency and the client experience were also highlighted as key contributors to the positive results.

MS Amlin’s chief executive, Andrew Carrier, expressed his gratitude to colleagues and stakeholders for their support. Carrier emphasized the company’s focus on core strengths, such as rigorous risk selection and quality claims service, which have driven profitability improvements.

Looking ahead, Carrier believes that the company is well-positioned for sustainable long-term performance. He emphasized the importance of providing continuity for clients in an uncertain world and expressed optimism about future opportunities for growth.

Overall, MS Amlin’s financial results reflect a successful transformation effort, positioning the company for continued success in the future.

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