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Steve Higgins to Showcase Jamaican Folk Culture in Japan

Renowned Jamaican tenor and cultural ambassador, Steve Higgins, is set to embark on an exciting journey to Tokyo, Japan in May 2024 following his recent performance at the Davie Jazz Festival in Florida.

During his time in Japan, Higgins will be showcasing Jamaican Folk Songs at various concert halls in Tokyo and Tottori, as well as other selected venues. Audiences can expect a 75-minute concert filled with Jamaica’s rhythmic and pulsating folk music, catering to an eager crowd that already holds a deep admiration for Jamaican culture.

This music tour is a collaborative effort between the Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo, Japan’s Min-On Concert Association, the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Tottori Prefectural Government. The folk concerts in Tokyo and Tottori Prefecture will mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Jamaica this year.

Joining Higgins in performance are celebrated Japanese operatic soprano, Ms. Yukari Kiyono, and distinguished pianist, Mr. Mitsuru Hirose. Anticipation for these commemorative events within the Japanese community is high.

One highlight of the trip will be Higgins’ performance at Iwami High School in Tottori, where he will interact with students and enjoy renditions of Jamaican music by the School’s Blue Martin Jazz Orchestra. This exchange will culminate in a joint performance featuring Bob Marley’s ‘One Love.’ Higgins’ engagement with students aligns with his annual workshop series on Jamaican Folk music in universities, museums, and schools across the Jamaican Diaspora.

Expressing his excitement for the upcoming showcase, Higgins shared, “I am honored to have received this invitation to Japan and look forward to delivering exhilarating performances, including a tribute to the incomparable Harry Belafonte!” He added, “This year, we bring love from the Land of Wood and Water to the Land of the Rising Sun during this special anniversary year for the people of Jamaica and Japan.”

Steve Higgins Productions has a longstanding history of presenting Jamaican Folk music in various regions across the globe. Higgins’ repertoire includes Jazz, Ballads, Standards, Broadway tunes, Sacred music, Italian Arias, and Jamaican popular genres, attracting diverse audiences of all backgrounds. Collaborating with Jamaican Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates, Higgins continues to promote Jamaica’s rich culture on the global stage.

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