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Support the Fight Against HIV by Dining Out on April 25 (and More Dates)

Dining Out For Life, a unique HIV fundraising event, is set to kick off on Thursday, April 25. Thousands of restaurants in cities across the United States and Canada will be participating by donating portions of the day’s proceeds to local HIV and AIDS organizations.

While some cities like San Francisco are having the event on Wednesday, April 24, the main day of unity and support is set for April 25. This event aims not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Local communities come together to support this cause, such as the eateries and volunteers in New Haven, Connecticut, who are supporting the charity organization A Place to Nourish your Health (APNH).

This year marks the 34th year of Dining Out For Life. Different cities have varying dates for their fundraising events, with Nashville’s on May 8, St. Louis’s on June 13, and Milwaukee’s on September 12.

To find out when your city is participating, check out DiningOutForLife.com. There, you can also find a list of participating restaurants, the proportion of their proceeds being donated, and which HIV organizations will benefit. You can also search hashtags like #DiningOutForLife, #DineOutEndHIV, #DOFL, and #DineOutGiveBack.

According to the press release, over 2,400 restaurants are participating, supported by 4,100 volunteers and 300,000 diners.

Upcoming weeks will see participation from cities, regions, and states like Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Philadelphia, San Diego, and more. Check the website for the full list of participating locations.

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