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Take a look inside the million restaurant in Downtown Disney

A new culinary experience has arrived at Downtown Disney with the opening of the million Paseo restaurant, Centrico courtyard bar, and Tiendita takeout stand. These establishments celebrate the Mexican flavors, heritage, and family of celebrity chef Carlos Gaytan, offering a menu filled with small plates, seafood, tacos, ceviches, and tequila-based cocktails.

The renovation of Paseo, Centrico, and Tiendita was a multimillion-dollar investment by the Patina Restaurant Group, transforming the spaces previously occupied by Catal restaurant, Uva bar, and Sprinkles cupcake bakery.

During the grand opening ceremonies this week, Patina’s trio of new Mexican cuisine eateries showcased their commitment to authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of Downtown Disney. The Paseo dining room exudes a contemporary yet culturally rich atmosphere with custom native accents and a selection of woods, leather, and greenery.

Centrico, the outdoor bar, offers a sociable space reminiscent of a Mexican hacienda, perfect for people-watching along the Downtown Disney promenade. Mexican architect Jorge Gracia designed the interiors of Paseo and Centrico, capturing the essence of Mexico’s vibrant culture.

The collaboration between Patina Restaurant Group and Disney aims to create a memorable dining experience for guests at Downtown Disney, showcasing Gaytan’s unique blend of Mexican flavors with a French haute cuisine culinary style. With dinner reservations starting on June 1 and plans for lunch and brunch service in the works, Paseo and Centrico are set to become must-visit destinations for food enthusiasts looking to savor the best of Mexican cuisine in a vibrant setting.

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