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‘The Refuge of Audrey’ to Be Screened at Biodiversity Event by UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently held a series of discussions dedicated to biodiversity preservation, highlighting the importance of environmental education. The event, part of the “UNESCO Campus” program, featured screenings of two episodes of the animated series “The Refuge of Audrey,” produced by Watch Next Media for France Télévisions, followed by expert presentations and discussions.

The day brought together primary school classes from Paris, giving young students the opportunity to learn about and engage in planet protection. The series, supported by France Télévisions, follows the adventures of 7-year-old Audrey and her friend Tommy in a refuge for endangered species, aiming to raise awareness of biodiversity issues and educate young viewers about animal welfare. It is now available on the Okoo platform and set to air on France Télévisions beginning April 6, with distribution by Kids First and support from various public broadcasters worldwide.

“The Refuge of Audrey” has attracted international attention, with broadcasters in Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Canada, Germany, and the Middle East picking up the series. Philippe Alessandri, CEO of Next Media, expressed pride in collaborating with UNESCO and France Télévisions to educate children on essential values for the future of our planet through the series, which not only educates but also challenges stereotypes and encourages girls to assert themselves.

The UNESCO event aimed to showcase how animated series like “The Refuge of Audrey” can raise awareness among youth about biodiversity and environmental protection, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts to inspire a greener future. This initiative demonstrates the power of storytelling in shaping the values and actions of the next generation.

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