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“These surreal sculptures of individuals in Manhattan will leave you amazed”

When exploring the sidewalks of New York City, there are always intriguing sights that catch our attention. However, one particular attraction in Murray Hill demands a second, or even third, look. The “Travelers” series of figurative sculptures by artist Bruno Catalano are frozen in time, depicting individuals who appear to be suspended mid-step, symbolizing a journey between the past and present.

Each sculpture showcases a person with their body fragmented at the torso, representing the complexities and scars of human identity. Despite the portrayal of movement, their destination remains unknown, much like all of us who carry our baggage as we navigate through life. Whether it’s a man in blue jeans, another in loafers with a briefcase, or someone casually dressed against the backdrop of the Empire State Building, each sculpture tells a unique story.

According to Jon Harari, co-chairman of Patrons of Park Avenue, Catalano’s work elevates ordinary individuals to heroic status on a monumental scale, symbolizing universal experiences of travel, flight, and exile. These larger-than-life sculptures carry pieces of life and history in their luggage, reflecting the delicate balance between roots and future.

This exhibition marks Catalano’s first major public showcase in the United States, showcasing his transformation from a self-taught artist who initially studied electricity to a clay sculptor with global recognition. Thanks to the efforts of Patrons of Park Avenue, a division of the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association, New Yorkers can experience these awe-inspiring sculptures, including never-before-seen pieces in bronze and marble.

Art enthusiasts can meet Catalano at the Park Avenue Day 2024 street festival on May 18, celebrating his debut outdoor exhibition in the U.S. The festival promises a day filled with arts, entertainment, food, fashion, and shopping on Park Avenue between 34th and 40th Streets. These captivating “Travelers” will continue to captivate viewers in Murray Hill until May 2025, inviting all to appreciate the intersection of art and emotion on the busy streets of New York City.

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