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Tim Cook Promises Apple Will ‘Break New Ground’ in Generative AI

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed the company’s plans for generative AI at the annual shareholder meeting. Cook expressed confidence that Apple will pioneer new advancements in generative AI by 2024, unlocking transformative opportunities for users.

Rumors suggest that Apple is developing new generative AI features for iOS 18’s built-in apps like Health, Messages, Numbers, Pages, Shortcuts, and more. Additionally, Apple might introduce AI-powered functionalities to Apple Music and Keynote, enabling users to automatically generate playlists.

Despite the focus on AI, the shareholder meeting saw no significant developments apart from Cook’s announcement. Shareholders turned down a proposal requesting an AI transparency report, detailing the ethical use of AI within the company.

While Apple’s board and executive compensation plans received approval, no shareholder proposals were passed. Notably, Al Gore and James Bell will retire from Apple’s board, with former Aerospace Corp. CEO Wanda Austin set to join.

Looking ahead, Apple could potentially rename Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’ later this year, as hinted in the company’s future plans. With continuous innovation in AI and upcoming changes to its services, Apple remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

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